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Each of our celebrity speakers will have a meet and greet after their presentation. Snap a selfie and get your show guide signed by these incredible speakers!

Cheryl Hickey

As host of television’s pre-eminent entertainment news program, ET Canada, Cheryl Hickey greets over half a million loyal viewers each night as she relays in-depth profiles, breaking news coverage, and behind-the-scenes exclusives. In 2005, Hickey joined ET Canada, and since then, has interviewed stars and luminaries ranging from Brad Pitt to Oprah Winfrey, and reported from the red carpets of the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Juno’s, the Grammy’s, Festival de Cannes, and many more. The mother of two young children, Cheryl is very passionate about her family as well as being a dedicated volunteer for a wide range of causes, including those related to children and health. She is the founder of “Cheryl’s Home and Family”, a website and online community that promotes family and personal wellness, as well as offers products that make parenting easier and more engaging.

Peter Bergman

Peter Bergman is celebrating 33 years on “The Young and the Restless” having joined the cast as the multi-faceted Jack Abbott in November, 1989. In his four decades in Daytime television, including 10 years on “All My Children,” Bergman has received 23 Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, winning the coveted award in 1991, 1992 and 2002. These and his two Soap Opera Digest awards for lead actor, as well as three MVP awards from Soap Opera Update, make Bergman the most decorated actor in “Y&R” history. Peter and his “amazing” wife Mariellen are the proud parents of their children, Connor and Clare.

Stephanie Labbé

At the Tokyo Olympics, Steph Labbé generated a highlight-reel performance from start to finish.

Stephanie had a clean sheet with a solid team win against the USA in the semi-final and were headed to the Gold Medal Final. Up against a powerful team from Sweden, Labbe was excellent in net during regular time that ended in 1-1 but was stellar during the shoot-out, stopping the last two penalty kicks from Sweden to capture the Gold for Canada!

Steph announced her retirement from professional soccer in January of 2022, and played her final minutes with the National team in April of 2022. Stephanie is a strong advocate for mental health awareness and women’s sport.

Bif Naked

Bif Naked is a celebrated and notorious performer in music, TV, film, and dance, and a tireless advocate and Humanitarian. Orphaned in India, emancipated by punk rock, and empowered by surviving breast cancer, kidney failure, heart surgery, divorce, and surviving as a Woman in The Entertainment Industry for twenty-five years, Bif has transcended any and all obstacles placed in her path to become one of the world’s most unique, recognizable and beloved icons.

For over two decades, Bif has been an original “Straight-Edge” and Vegan, not utilizing alcohol, meat, dairy, poultry, or sea life. “I just want to live by example,” Bif states, “and encourage everyone to live compassionately and more fully, in happiness.” When asked about what her favourite pastimes are, she has only one answer: “Living Loudly.”

Women Empowering Women Panel

You are invited to the Women Empowering Women panel on the Main Stage. Get motivated with 4 extraordinary women as you learn how they overcame their personal struggles and how it shaped them into the leaders they are today.

Caitlyn Vanderhaeghe

Caitlyn Vanderhaeghe is the President & CEO of KidStar Nutrients.

Her experience spans over a decade of supply chain and ingredients sourcing in the natural product industry. Caitlyn holds bachelors degrees in Education and Social Sciences from Simon Fraser University. She is a Recipient of the 2022 RBC Ones to Watch Award.

Caitlyn co-founded KidStar Nutrients when one of her daughters was diagnosed with iron deficiency and she could not find a nutritional supplement that wasn’t full of junk. Caitlyn mission is to help educate parents about kids nutrition and provide clean nutrients for kids and families.

Taylor Hui

Philanthropist, body positivity advocate, actress, model and small business owner, Taylor Hui has always been a social entrepreneur at heart. At the age of 16, Taylor started the BeaYOUtiful Foundation, a Canadian charity that provides confidence and mental wellness programs for girls ages 8 to 14 across Canada. Through her own experiences of cyberbullying and working over 9+ years in the fashion industry, she knew safe spaces were needed for young women to feel connected and understand their self-worth.

As the charity expanded, so did the need for funding. Taylor created a clothing brand, The Roster, designed with a purpose to inspire women to feel confident in their own skin with proceeds from every sale donated back to BeaYOUtiful. The synergy between the two companies allows Taylor to fulfill her passion to help empower the next generation of young women to be confident, resilient leaders.

Jessica Kruger

Jessica Kruger is a quadriplegic baker, decorator, and business owner. In 2019 she was the first individual in a wheelchair to ever complete the Baking and Pastry Arts Program at Vancouver Community College, and shortly after graduating she moved into a commercial kitchen and started her custom dessert business, The Stubborn Baker. 

When Jessica is not in the kitchen, she can be found on the court, playing wheelchair rugby for the BC Provincial team, or spending time with family, friends, and her dog, Molly. She has a bachelor’s degree in English from Simon Fraser University and is an avid traveler, having visited 54 different countries. Jessica is extremely passionate about connecting with her community, whether it be through baking, or volunteer work, and takes great pride in the community that she has built through the Vancouver Farmer’s Markets and the work that she has done with the Ronald McDonald House and Rick Hansen Foundation.

Nikita Sharma

Nikita Sharma is a natural bodybuilder, TEDx Speaker, International Best Selling Author and spiritual health and fitness coach.

She helps women build strength, flexibility and stability in both their minds and bodies. Lifting weights changed her life. It gave her confidence, courage, discipline and self-love which is why she is passionate about teaching women how they can do the same.

It is her vision to create a generation of women who are unafraid to stand out, speak up and go for what they want in life regardless of age, shape or circumstance.

Special Presentations & Seminars

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Lorna Vanderhaeghe

Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe has been a leader for the nutrition industry for almost 40 years.

Voted one of Canada’s Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs several years in a row she holds degrees in nutrition and biochemistry. Lorna is the author of thirteen books, including, A Smart Woman’s Guide to Hormones, Healthy Immunity and The Immune System Cure.

She is also an internationally known lecturer who has been educating people on how to combine the best of mainstream medicine with scientifically backed nutrients and diet changes to achieve optimal wellness.

Bonnie Johnstone

Bonnie was born in Vancouver and raised in small town Fort Langley. She lived with her bio Mother and adoptive Father. She endured sexual and physical abuse during her early years into her teens, and battled with self image long into her thirties.

The cycles of abuse were instilled at such a young age that falling into violent relationships were her normal throughout her adult life. Until one day she realized that she was meant for bigger and she knew others were too. From the minute she began this journey everyone called her Badass Bon and it stuck so much she began Badass Clothing Co a community of survivors and likeminded people that were ready and willing to show up fully in the world. “She says the time is now to stand up, show up and rise up” she lives her life being the person she needed during her worst times.

Ayissi Nyemba

Ayissi has been passionate about organic food production for as long as she can remember. Over the years, she gained extensive experience in the international cocoa industry working with farmers in Cameroon, Niger, Rwanda, Kenya, and France.Now, as a leader in producing sustainable cocoa, Ayissi heads up the day-to-day operations and external business development at EMKAO.

As a minority, female entrepreneur and single mother of a young child, it has been a long and challenging road for Ayissi, but one that she is incredibly proud of. Thanks to her extraordinary tenacity, infectious spirit and the incredible support that she has had from the local community, though many thousands of miles away from her hometown in Cameroon, Ayissi Nyemba has changed the lives of others and is an inspiration for many.

Fiona Hepher

Fiona is a brand marketer, strategist and entrepreneur. For the past decade, she has worked to grow businesses that have lasting change on people’s wellbeing. From scaling empathy-based community experiences in Dubai, to launching Saje Natural Wellness’ Education Marketing department, and redefining sexual wellness with One & Body.

Between transforming businesses, Fiona has always been passionate about changing the conversation of an undisrupted space, and Sansorium is where endeavours to do that again.

Kathryn Hepher

Kathryn has a 33-year professional background in leadership, operations, business transformation and customer service in corporate technology and government insurance. After going alcohol-free at the start of 2020 and searching for sophisticated beverages beyond juice and water, and higher quality non-alcoholics that weren’t from the grocery store, she realised the gap was hers to fill.

Sansorium was born from sharing her vision for a premium store with her two daughters, whom she’d end up working with to build the company and leave behind the legacy she desired.

Farooque Syed

His name is Farooque Syed; he is an Indo-Canadian who migrated from Pakistan in the early 70s and grew up in South Vancouver BC. He is the youngest of 5 siblings and was raised in a loving and safe family. Farooque was a shy, playful, happy, and a kind child who was considerate and respectful of his elders. He grew up and hung out with some of the nicest children anyone could ever meet; who later grew up and became one of the most notorious gangsters in Canadian history.

Farooque, now an Author, talks about his story and journey from childhood to gang life, to prison and to the present day. He is now focused on helping parents, teachers, guardians, and kids with gang prevention, drugs, bullying, and violence. His book Stolen Dreams talks about the why, when, how and where of turning life from a gangster to a kind, loving and respectful being.